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For Your Comfort

Friendly Atmosphere

Patients often comment on our office decor and how it helps them feel calm and right at home.  Our team members are friendly and knowledgeable.
We understand that dental treatment can sometimes be a stressful experience and we will do everything possible to help make each visit as pleasant as possible for you.

Helpful Technology

A flat screen TV is mounted on the ceiling of each treatment room.  DVD movies are available with a library of favorites and new releases or you can bring one from home.  Headphones help muffle the sounds of treatment and Dr. Johnston’s corny jokes.

IPad patient education let’s us explain treatment options quickly and thoroughly.

Digital x-ray gives us excellent diagnostic capability.

Our intraoral digital camera lets us show you what we see.


Nitrous Oxide “laughing” Gas is available to help reduce anxiety.

Conscious sedation medication can be prescribed when a patient would like to be unaware of extensive treatment.

We are happy to discuss these options with you.